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Less Stress, Better Grades

Ace your exams with Leaf

Smart Productivity Platform for College Students

Everything You Need in One Place

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How it Works

Meet Leaf, the all-in-one productivity platform for college students

Stay on top of everything with the greatest ease!

How it Works


Widget Hub

Smart Time Management


Focus Room


Put Leaf to work. Save time and get better grades!


Powerful Widget Hub

A variety of widgets in one location, all designed to help you stay organized!

Daily Agenda


Weekly Insights

More Coming Soon

Smart Time Management

Can't stay organized? Hard to keep focused? We got you covered!

Built-in Todo list & Calendar

Customizable Layouts

Using a Tablet
Study Groups

Personal Focus Room

Stay calm and de-stress in a mini-room built just for you!

Interactive Widgets

Immersive Environment

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Get personalized task planning recommendations with Leaf AI

Optimize your task planning with personalized recommendations based on your priorities and deadlines. Say goodbye to wasted time and confusion and hello to a more productive workflow with our Leaf AI!

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Sign up now to ace your next exams!

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